Salty Warmth ( 2 Pack )
Salty Warmth ( 2 Pack )
Salty Warmth ( 2 Pack )

Salty Warmth ( 2 Pack )

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Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps with Bulb and Cord - 2 PACK

Bring home the beauty grace and soft lighting of a Crystal Decor Himalayan Salt Lamp. Uniquely crafted using authentic Himalayan salt each lamp is designed to be artwork built to bring warmth to your mind body and spirit.


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  • Package Includes 2 Lamps of ~7" in size.
  • NATURAL LIGHTING: Himalayan salt lamps provide a pure and natural source of light that provides positive and soothing effects for maximum relaxation.
  • UNIQUE: Every CRYSTAL DECOR salt lamp is specially hand carved for distinct and individual quality and design to sit atop a shiny wooden base.


30 Day Warranty